Meridian facial


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I come from Hong Kong and just moved here above one month.  I wanted to continue this work here. If you are interested in this therapy, please feel free to contact me via whatsapp for the booking. Ladies only. Door to service.

Introducing the new Meridian Facial Therapy, an incredible facial that is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine with unique massage techniques. It is great for people who desire to look and feel refreshed and revitalized, improve their skin texture, soften lines and wrinkles. It also creates a “lifted” facial appearance. Adapted from the ancient techniques of Gua Sha, massage fuses the TCM meridian therapy use in acupuncture into Western esthetic techniques by massaging key meridian facial point along Qi pathways using specialized tools in the direction of the flow of blood and lymphatic system for increased circulation.

1.A lifted appearance
2.Firm facial contours
3.Minimizing fine lines
4.Reduction of bags under the eyes
5.Reduces dark circles
6.Removing toxins
7.Boosts radiance
9.Improvement of facial color through increased circulation

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