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The “tea of immortality” has come a long way from its supposed beginning in China more than 2,000 years ago, Its been fined tuned and studied and now proven to aid digestion and strengthen the immune system. Sambucha is packed with a Probiotic arsenal of organic acids and active enzymes to sustain the intestine.

Sambucha is made with an exclusive blend of organic and fair trade Himalayan oolong tea and white tea, lightly sweetened with organic demerara sugar ( 2 grams per bottle ), and then fermented with a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, otherwise known as SCOBY. The yeast in the SCOBY breaks down the sugar in the tea and releases probiotic bacteria during the fermentation process and upon fermentation, kombucha is carbonised, which is why the drink is fizzy! its all a fun and rather delicious chemical reaction. and that chemical reaction continues within you! aiding you in your digestion by breaking down sugars and carbs.

We only use the ripest fruits in Sambucha, and if it is not in season or just not up to snuff, we won’t make that flavor! it is that simple. we always want to deliver the tip-top sambucha quality you know and love. Each bottle is packed with at minimum, a cup of fruit or root veg so that you’re truly experiencing the flavor and benefits of each flavor.

The Benefits Of Kombucha

Kombucha Has a myriad of benefits ranging from subtle digestion aid to helping the body fight off cancer

The list is long and I’m happy to be able to blow your mind with the booch health facts

  •  Kombucha is a Source of Probiotics.

  • Kombucha May Provide the Benefits of Green Tea. …

  • Kombucha Contains High Levels of Antioxidants. …

  • Kombucha Can Kill Bacteria.

  • Aid Constipation

  • Reduce Inflammation in the body

  • Helps Strengthen the immune system

  • Aids in cardiovascular health

  • May aid in Depression treatment ( a healthy gut is a healthy mind)

  • Kombucha May Reduce Heart Disease Risk.

  • Kombucha May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Kombucha May Help Protect Against Cancer.

  • Kombucha Improves Nutrient absorption rates within the body

  • Kombucha Eases IBS

  • improves liver health and function

  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight

  • Kombucha helps the body burn fat and calories by boosting the metabolism when made RIGHT #sambuchakombucha


How Long Does Sambucha keep for?

Sambucha is Alive after all! so this question has to be addressed. Sambucha will keep fermenting! so to combat this and keep your sambucha staying fizzy and tasty here are some tips and tricks youll need to know


  • Keep Sambucha in the fridge

  • Keep the cap twisted on TIGHT

  • IF OPENED, drink within 3 – 4 days MAX

  • If UNOPENED, your sambucha will keep in the fridge for up to 10 days! except for watermelon! watermelon is a delicate mistress and can only be kept unopened for up to 5 days.

  • OPEN SLOWLY, allow air to escape slowly before fully opening. its better to be safe than wearing your booch!


  • DO NOT SHAKE YOUR SAMBUCHA (unless you would like to make your own booch fountain and bathe in the water)


Sambucha Kombucha

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