• Search for job in Reading Berkshire

    Reading Berkshire Portal have launched Job portal focused in Berkshire area. Any job posted in the group need to be added to this portal. This portal is free to use for employers and candidates (to apply for job). Please note that as we will not have any relationship with employers, you need to make your own judgement about the authenticity of the role. We do not have many roles as it went live recently but expecting all the recruiter to use this to reach the candidates. Please note that in order to post the role/job in the Reading Berkshire Portal in facebook it is mandatory to post the job on…

  • Post your property for sale for free

    House for sale or rent – FREE Reading Berkshire Portal have recently launched a free property platform where people can list their properties for sale or rent. You may just want to test the water to see what is your property worth. There is no contract so you can delete it anytime. All the best and happy house hunting. Property Search

  • Communities from Reading
    Communities from Reading

    Start your business

    If you are in Reading Berkshire and surrounding areas and if you are interested in opening a new business or already have one, we have partnered with a local IT consultancy which can provide you personalised quality IT services including website. The agency can provide you discounted rate if you go via us. Some of the enterprises can even qualify for free website provided you have more than a certain number of regular website visitors and allow us to display adverts on the website.