• State school or private school?

    When to start looking for school admission? Once your home if filled with joy of having a kid immediately after that parents start thinking about schools, nursery and kind of area they should move into. If you are late into registration into some good schools or nurseries you may be put into waiting list. For example we were given waiting list of a famous private school in Reading and my kid were offered a place after 2 years. Seriously? Unfortunately, this is the case if you are looking for best schools in Reading. Which school is better, state or private? This is a common question for every parent. However, before…

  • Communities from Reading
    Communities from Reading

    Start your business

    If you are in Reading Berkshire and surrounding areas and if you are interested in opening a new business or already have one, we have partnered with a local IT consultancy which can provide you personalised quality IT services including website. The agency can provide you discounted rate if you go via us. Some of the enterprises can even qualify for free website provided you have more than a certain number of regular website visitors and allow us to display adverts on the website.

  • Reading Berkshire going out

    Day out in Reading Berkshire

    There are various things you can do in Reading Berkshire based on your preferences. If you are young couple with kids you can take your kids to Kid’s and Action at Winnersh or Mad house at Green Park. There is go kart racing circuit in Reading (only for 8 years and older kids). Bracknell is the closest bowling centre as Reading do not have any. There are many pubs and restaurants in Reading town centre. We will add many of these here in due course of time.