Moving to Reading UK

Are you planning to moving to Reading UK, Berkshire?

Moving to a new town may be a big decision. So here we are planning to make the decision making process straight forward for you.


School Selection

If you have young children, you may want to be closer to Outstanding or Good state schools or private schools. UK state schools are ranked as below:

  1. Outstanding
  2. Good
  3. Improvement Required
  4. Poor

Below is a portal which will provide you all the information about the school and its rating in a map.

Check Your Area

Location matters a lot. You can buy a great house in a bad locality but you cannot change the area. However, you can buy a rundown house in a good area, renovate it and can sell it for profit. Also areas with good rating mean that the families are responsible and well off and hence the school in that catchment will have kids from good families.

Before you decide on an area, you will need some postcodes from that area. You can get the postcode for the area from Once you have postcode, please click the link below to know the rating of the area. The rating are A, B, C1, C2, D, E. Ideally you should avoid the area which has either D or E.

Please note that RG1 is mainly the area around Reading Town. RG6 is the area near Lower Earley. Most of the postcodes of Woodley are RG5.

Citizen’s Review and Comments

  • Whitley is alright, everywhere during the night is dangerous.
  • We regularly walk around the uni area east reading area and its not dangerous.
  • Have a walk/drive around after dark on a weekend. Its only when people are at home etc do you really see how an area is also walk around in the local shops to get a feel if the community.
  • Every part of Reading has good and bad parts. I have friends that have lived in Whitley wood for over 30 years and never had a problem.
  • Honestly its what you make it – Whitley is really on the up !
  • Lots of good things happening in whitley
  • Whitley is a large area, lots of regular buses into town too!
  • Green Park Village Academy Reading is slowly moving south so more developments in Whitley area and South of the M4, Also has good access to M4 unlike north reading caverhsam area as reading centre is grid locked at rush hour .
  • Reading is mainly middle class snobs. Whitley is working class and they look down their noses at people who live there. I’m working class and I’d happily live there.
  • Full of ******** would not live in Whitley
  • I lived off the Whitley wood rd for 10 years…..Took me that long to get out and I would never go back.
  • Caversham is good , Whitley crime rate was higher before, now it is improving, but it is big really depends where you are planning, new development near junction 11 is okay
  •  Tilehurst has lots in it and great for Motorway access, Ikea, all the Supermarkets, playgroups and Schools. Nice little selection of shops
  • Caversham!!
  • Tilehurst
    Burghfield 😘
  • Tilehurst and Calcot
  • Avoid whiteley area 
  • Earley , es residential y tiene buenas escuelas.
  •  I like woodley
  • Woodley it’s a lovely family area
  • Lower earley

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